curriculum vitae (updated April 2018)

recent presentations:

“Co-Authorship and the Ontology of Dance Artworks”
American Society for Aesthetics 74th Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA
British Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting, Oxford, UK

“Body Aesthetics and the Ethics of Dance Criticism”
Engagement: Symposium on Philosophy and Dance, San Marcos, TX

Guest Lecture, “Body Aesthetics”
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY

“Body Diversity and Kinesthetic Phenomenology”
Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology Annual Meeting, Lexington, KY

featured projects:

I maintain the @CUNY_Philosophy Twitter feed, CUNY Philosophy Academic Commons blog & event calendar, and the official CUNY Graduate Center Philosophy Dept. website.

My review of Alva Noë’s book Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature is now available for viewing/download from the ASA Graduate E-Journal.

Phoebe Friesen and I started a new workshop series called MAPshop.
I designed flyers for our Call for Abstracts and each of our two Spring 2016 events.
I also maintain the Facebook page for the CUNY Graduate Center MAP (Minorities and Philosophy) chapter and manage publicity for chapter events on social media and via email.

I built and maintained the website for the 2015 CUNY Graduate Student Philosophy Conference, “Normativity and the Human Sciences”, featuring graphics I designed and produced in the header and on the Call for Papers.