Supplement to “A philosophical role for moving-picture dance”

This web-page is a supplement to my paper “A philosophical role for moving-picture dance”. It contains embedded videos for most of the moving-picture dance works cited in the paper (excluding Black Swan, which I lack the rights to display), each of which express a philosophical claim – that through corporeal movement for its own sake, human beings can fully actualize their agency, transcending apparent constraints imposed by physical embodiment – with varying degrees of argumentative success.

Videos cited:

Le Saut Infini. (2011) Directors: Chris Parker & Sakiko Yamagata. Choreographer: Emery LeCrone. Dancers: Megan LeCrone & Russell Janzen (New York City Ballet). Music: “Continuum” by Gabriela Montero.

Lost in Motion. (2012) Director: Ben Shirinian. Dancer/Choreographer: Guillaume Côté (National Ballet of Canada).

Lost in Motion II. (2013) Director: Ben Shirinian. Choreographer: Guillaume Côté. Dancer: Heather Ogden (National Ballet of Canada).

Additional videos:

Le Vent. (2010) Directors: Simon Iannelli & Johannes Berger. Dancers: Marina Kanno & Giacomo Bevilaqua (Staatsballett Berlin).

Break Ton Neck. (2011) Video: Alex Yde. Dancer: Arthur Cadre (alias Lil Crabe)