PHI 3240: Philosophy of Art



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Assignment Instructions
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Midterm Grades [posted 11/7/15]
Final Essay & Outline Instructions [posted 11/22/15]

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1. August 31st 2. September 2nd
Introduction to the course

Session 1 Slides

Pryor, “Guidelines on Reading Philosophy”
Shusterman, The Fine Art of Rap

Session 2 Slides
*NO CLASS Monday Sept. 7th
[Labor Day]*
3. [*WEDNESDAY*] Sept. 9th
 4. [*THURSDAY*] Sept. 10th
Collingwood, “Principles of Art”
Bell, “Art and Significant Form”Session 3 Slides
Pryor, “Guidelines on Writing a Phil. Paper”
Carroll, “Identifying Art” (Don’t worry about the last section, “Levinson and Danto”)
Session 4 Slides
September 14th 5.   September 16th
NO CLASS – CUNY HOLIDAY Gaut “Art as a Cluster Concept”

Session 5 Slides

6.   September 21st September 23rd
Riggle, “Street Art: Transfiguration of the Commonplaces”Session 6 Slides
7.   September 28th 8.   September 30th
Smuts, “Are Video Games Art?”

Session 7 Slides

Plato, The Republic (Excerpts from Books II & III)

Nehamas, “Plato’s Pop Culture Problem, and Ours”

Session 8 Slides

Presentation: Iris H.

9. October 5th 10.   October 7th
Carroll, “The Arts, Emotion, and Evolution”

Session 9 Slides

Presentation: Eddy

Saito, “Significance of Everyday Aesthetics”

Session 10 Slides

Presentation: Dante

October 12th 11.   October 14th
NO CLASS – COLUMBUS DAY Nochlin, “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?”

Session 11 Slides

Presentation: Iris K.

October 19th 12.   October 21st

Walton, “Categories of Art”

Session 12 Slides

13.   October 26th 14.   October 28th
Kieran, “The Fragility of Aesthetic Knowledge”

Session 13 Slides

Irvin, “Is Aesthetic Experience Possible?”

Session 14 Slides

Presentation: Sheryl

15. November 2nd 16.   November 4th
Walton, “Fearing Fictions”

Session 15 Slides

Presentation: Dona

 GUEST LECTURE by Simon Høffding 

“What is Aesthetic Experience like to the Expert Performer? Phenomenological Lessons with the Danish String Quartet

Required Reading:

Hulburt & Cobo, “Multiple Autonomous Experience in a Skilled Musician”

Høffding, “What is Skilled Coping?”

17.   November 9th 18. November 11th
Robinson, “The Expression and Arousal of Emotion in Music”

Session 17 Slides

Presentation: Roberta

Tullman, “The Fictional Stance”Session 18 Slides

Presentation: Andre

19. November 16th 20. November 18th
Feagin, “The Pleasures of Tragedy”

Session 19 Slides

Presentation: Chuchu

Carroll, “Moderate Moralism”

Session 20 Slides

Presentation: Dennis

21. November 23rd 22. November 25th
Anderson and Dean, “Moderate Autonomism”

Session 21 Slides

Presentation: Alex

Devereaux, “Beauty and Evil: The Case of Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will

Session 22 Slides

Presentation: Timothy

23. November 30th 24. December 2nd
Flory, “Race and Imaginative Resistance in James Cameron’s Avatar”

Session 23 Slides

Presentation: Kevin

Berleant, “Sensuous & the Sensual in Aesthetics”

Session 24 Slides

Presentation: Aumio

25. December 7th 26. December 9th
Eaton, “What’s Wrong with the Female Nude?”

Session 25 Slides

Maes, “Who Says Pornography Can’t Be Art?”

Session 26 Slides

Presentation: Ny-Ya

27. December 14th December 21st
Optional Office Hours  ***FINAL ESSAY(S) DUE BY EMAIL***