I’m a PhD student in Philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center. I manage the department’s Academic Commons website and Twitter feed.

I’m passionate about diversifying philosophy, in both demographics and methodology. I co-organize the CUNY chapter of Minorities and Philosophy and am an elected member of my department’s Committee on Inclusiveness.

In a past life (so to speak), I was a ballet and modern dancer.
Here I am performing in Mark Dendy’s Ritual Cyclical in Lincoln Center Plaza, across the street from The Juilliard School, where I trained upon first moving to New York in by Kevin Yatarola

I have loved both art and science for as long as I can remember,
and found myself utterly torn between the two until I discovered that
if I became a philosopher, I wouldn’t have to choose.

photo credits: David Tufino (headshot), Kevin Yatarola (dance shot)